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  • We are having 10+ years of IT experience.
  • Our staffs are working in various domains like Data Networking, IP Telephony and Contact Center Solutions.
  • Our staffs have experienced in MNC network environments.
  • Extensive Routing and Switching experience with various projects.
  • Trained more than 2000+ students and corporate employees.
  • Trained foreign students (Ireland,Nigeria,and Dubai)

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CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is an entry or associate level training program given for those who need and develop their knowledge in the field of networking.

Cisco conducts the online exam in certain time limit period, where the students are required to get  the minimum marks (Set as pass mark) to get hold of the international certificate as Cisco certified.

The international certificate is valid for 3 years of time.

CCNA basically includes – Install, operate, maintain, configure and troubleshoot of switches, routers and firewalls.It basically includes Wan, Security, Routing and Switching, Tcp/IP layers, Routing protocols handling, Frame relay, Vlan etc.,

Duration : 90 hours

Course Syllabus : Click Here



The cisco certificate which makes up an associate to plan, design, implement and troubleshoot the total network. It is for the person who is ready to advance their skills and ability to troubleshoot the complex networks. It is an education for an associate to become professional in networking.

The person who is a CCNA holder with in 3 years of time period can apply for CCNP exam.

This is because of the development or upgradation  in the technology.

It covers 2 exams of theory and practical.

Duration : Each paper 40 hours

Course Syllabus : Click Here